TMS Dual Channels MEP — External Module

TMS Dual Channels MEP — External Module

TMS motor action potential (CMAP)

MEP is the compound motor action potential (CMAP) recorded on the target muscle of related limbs by exciting motor cortex with single pulse stimulation and depolarizes the spinal anterior horn cell and peripheral nerve motor fibers through the motor descending pathway. It evaluates the function state of motor pathway by determining the waveform, conduction velocity, latency, amplitude and central motor conduction time (CMCT) of central and peripheral motor pathway.

Application1. Evaluate the state of spinal cord injury (SCI) and intraoperative monitoring (IOM)
2. Evaluate the function outcome of stroke patients
3. Study the cortex inhibition of Parkinson's Disease
4. Determine the nerve impulse conduction velocity of demyelination lesions
5. Study cerebral atrophy and the central nervous conduction time of multiple sclerosis

Advantages1. Wireless transmission, easy operation, high SNR (signal noise ratio)
2. Dual channel design, suit to most clinical determination
3. High sampling rate enables to capture the precise recording of the EMG wave changes.
4. Unique waveform processing algorithm ensures a precise diagnosis
5. The dedicated cone coil makes the MEP determination of lower limbs easier