Four-channel tDCS

Four-channel tDCS

tDCS Four-channel

SpecificationStimulation current: 100~4000uA(Adjustable),increment 20uA;

Duration:1~60min(Adjustable),increment 1min;
Fade-in/Fade-out time: 0~120s(Adjustable);
Random wave signal band: low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency:
The precision of output current, output time, output frequency: ±5%

Product Characteristics1. Optional models: DC, Positive wave, multi-pulse, rectilinear biphasic, triangular wave, tRNS, placebo stimulation; 
2. the parameters of treatment time, output current, interval, bias current are adjustable;
3. The four independent channels can be run for 4 patients at the same time without mutul-interference.
4. TMS/tDCS can be used simultaneously. 

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