These include the Minnesota Thermal Disks and a Logarithmic Filament Set. With these simple instruments tests can be performed that include touch-pressure sensation threshold, warming/cooling of different material thresholds, and touch-pressure-as-pain threshold.

These tools can be purchased individually or with the WR TestWorks software, to provide guidance in testing steps, a patient database for record keeping, and automated evaluation of threshold values.


Each material is applied firmly to the skin for 1.5 to 2 seconds, followed by the application of a second material. PVC is used as the null stimulus as it has the smallest degree of temperature transfer. Patient responses can be hand recorded onto a scoring sheet or entered into a WR TestWorks software module for formal reporting. Normal values are provided for dorsal foot, plantar foot, lateral leg, anterior thigh, dorsal hand, volar forearm, shoulder, and face (maxillary). Norms are provided courtesy of Dr. Peter Dyck, Rochester, MN.

The MN Thermal Disk set includes the following:

Autonomic Testworks