StimTracker Quad Base Model

/uploads/produto/stimtracker-quad-base-model-505.webp StimTracker Quad Base Model

Trigger marking for EEG, NIRS, Eye Tracking and VideoSync data synchronization

StimTracker Quad can generate simultaneous event markers for up to four devices, for the following events:
– Onset of visual stimuli
– Onset of auditory stimuli
– Participant key press
– Event codes sent by software via USB
– Voice key / microphone
StimTracker Quad requires either an m-pod or a custom cable in order to deliver TTL output.
Purchasing Quad by itself makes sense only if you already have an m-pod, you want to build a custom cable,
or your software takes advantage of the time-stamped event info that is delivered over USB.
If you need an m-pod, you can save $100 by purchasing it at the same time as StimTracker Quad using this page.

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