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Trigger marking for EEG, NIRS, Eye Tracking and VideoSync data synchronization

2ms Precision. Jitter Free.
c–pod delivers your event markers with precision because it is jitter free when used with our open source Python or C++ libraries.
Delay is guaranteed to be 2 milliseconds exactly, every time.
We spared no expense and added a separate USB interface chip that we knew would give us the precision needed.
Instantly Compatible
c–pod is a true plug-and-play solution: it is delivered with everything you need to connect to your particular model of EEG, eye tracker, NIR, or other recording instrument
Power Packed
c–pod is small but packs a real punch. Its 32-bit microprocessor makes possible the following feature:
Async Output
To send, say, a 10ms long event marker with other I/O devices, an app needs to raise the output line, wait 10ms, then lower the line.
This adds timing uncertainty and makes the app more complex. With c–pod, you can deliver a 10ms marker while the app continues its work.

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