Tubing Masks R510-86

Tubing Masks R510-86
Design with coaxial pipeline, durable mask, strong pipeline flexibility, can be freely placed on the desktop or table,

also can be fixed on the desktop or table by using a fixing stand (68625).

In addition, this pipeline can be fixed in the imaging system of MRI, PET and SPECT by equiping a fixing platform (68626).

Meeting the anesthetic need of single or double animals (rat, mouse or rat and mouse together).

This kind of mask with the design of concentric tubing and characteristics of strong flexibility and durableness,

can be either freely placed on the desktop or fixed on the mounting bracket (68625) or mounting platform followed

by being used in other imaging system such as MRI,

PET, SPECT etc.Two items for one animal or two animals at the same time are available.

Features (Tubing Masks):

Be of concentric design with characteristics of strong flexibility and durableness.

Be made of non-metal materials and especially for MRI environment.

Can be placed on the desktop or bench directly to use.

Can be in conjunction with gas evacuation apparatus to withdraw the waste gas

from both the animal expiration and the leaks around the mask.


With small sizes 70 x 70 x 85mm(Cat No.68625) or 240 x 70 x 93mm(Cat No.68626) to save much space.

Non-metal materials allows for the special application under MRI environment.

The liftable function allows to adjust the position of animal head according to their postures.

The non-slip mat in the bottom ensures the stability while placing on the desktop or talbe.

Either the tubing masks or the cone masks could be mounted on the same bracket.

Order information:

Cat No.

Product Description



SGL MRI Compatible Mask for Mouse



SGL MRI Compatible Mask for Rat



Dual MRI Compatible Masks for Mice



Dual MRI Compatible Masks for Rats



MRI Compatible Mounting Bracket for Tubing or Cone Mask



MRI Compatible Moungting Platform for Rat or Mouse Mask