Gas Evacuation Apparatus R546W

Gas Evacuation Apparatus R546W

It has passed CE certification

The gas evacuation apparatus (GEA) was designed to safely and actively remove waste gas associated with everyday inhalation anesthesia. The waste gas from mask(s) like cone, concentric tubing and stereotaxic frame nosecone masks can be pulled through activated charcoal canister so that the air can be re-circulated into the room. The GEA will accommodate waste gas supply from at least 5 masks.


★R546W, with the latest design of weighing, will be additionally used to weigh the activated charcoal canister at any time to check its saturation. Two levels alarm (990g and 1010g), indicator light and buzzer remind to change the canister and maintain it’s effectiveness.

Order Information:

Cat No.Product Description
R546WGas Evacuation Apparatus with Weight Monitoring, 110-240V