tDCS / tACS The simulation software

tDCS / tACS The simulation software NEUROPHET tES LAB
is a simulation research software based on computational analysis for effective tDCS / tACS research and can be applied to any kind of tES devices.
By the help of this, your time and efforts can be largely saved in tDCS/tACS effect analysis and research. 

Here are 5 main benefits from using NEUROPHET tES LAB:
- Individual Brain Modeling based on a patient's MRI(T1) data 8 Layers segmentation (scalp, skull, CSF, ventricles,
and gray/white matter of cerebrum and cerebellum)brings you accuracy and personalization in simulation, which
will increase stimulation effects. - Electrode Customization available in sizes, numbers, shapes, and position with
just a few clicks.

Also support multi-channel electric field norm function.- 10-20 System function automatically calculate the electrodes
position after specify four landmark(Naison, Right/Left Pre-auricular, Inion).

- tDCS Optimization and 10-20 System-based Optimization added to give you more options in stimulation mode selecting.

- Fast and effective Stimulation Result Analysis. 

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