The standard in combined EEG & fMRI recordings

Since the design of the first BrainAmp MR, the neurophysiology research world moved forward and started to look at new techniques of investigating the brain in action. In light of this it was obvious that there was a need to develop a more advanced amplifier which could cover a wider range of applications and be as flexible as required by its users.

BrainAmp MR plus at a glance

There is no need for different amplifier types as the Brain Products’ flagship represents the state of the art solution for all of the aforementioned applications.

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Safe recordings with BrainCap MR and BrainAmp MR/BrainAmp MR plus/BrainAmp ExG MR require adhering closely to our safety instructions which can be found in the BrainAmp MR Operating and Reference Manual for use in an MR environment.

Data format: 16 bit

Battery supply: battery-supplied (PowerPack 30 h recording)

Electrode types: actiCAP slim / actiCAP snap, actiCAP Xpress Twist, BrainCap, BrainCap TMS and EASYCAP - EasyCap.

Quantity of electrodes channels: 32 channels (units can be stacked to expand the number of channels up to 256 and combined with the BrainAmp ExG to record EOG, ECG, EMG and other peripheral signals such as Galvanic Skin Response, respiration, acceleration, temperature, etc.)

Auxiliary inputs: can be connected with ExG Input Box (with 16 bipolar ExG channels)

Sampling rate: 5 kHz

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Worldwide Caution:
Our products are scientific equipment for INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY! Medical use e.g. for diagnosis, treatment of disease or other such purposes is strictly forbidden.