SimFx MRI Sound Simulation System

SimFx MRI Sound Simulation System

Simulate the ambient scanner sound and active scanning noise.

Four sound files can be played simultaneously.
SimFx also has the capability to accept input from an experimental paradigm which can be used to simulate how the scanner synchronization pulse triggers an experiment.

Coupled with the MRI Simulator, SimFx allows you to recreate an effective, simulated MRI environment.

Included Ambient Sounds:

White Noise

Noise from cryogenic pumps in the scanner room

White Noise + Cryogenic Pumps

Included Scanner Sounds:

GE DTI Imaging Sequence

GE Spin Echo Sequence

GE EPI Sequence

GE Gradient Echo Sequence

GE RF Spoiled Gradient Echo Sequence

Siemens DTI Sequence

Siemens Turbo Spin Echo Sequence

Siemens EPI Sequence


Siemens Localizer Sequence

Siemens Ultrafast Gradient Echo 3-D Sequence

Siemens Proton Density T2 Weighted Image Sequence