MRI-Compatible Vision Correction Lenses

/uploads/produto/mri-compatible-vision-correction-lenses-577.webp MRI-Compatible Vision Correction Lenses

Vision Correction Lens system provides an MRI facility

Research in the MRI environment often requires scheduling participants with a wide range of vision impairment.
To ensure research participants are able to comfortably see the visual display while inside the MRI, a Vision Correction system capable of being used in the MRI environment is a requirement.

The PST MRI-Compatible Vision Correction Lens system provides an MRI facility with a safe and flexible vision correction option for participants.

The system includes:

2 pairs of flexible plastic frame lens housings

Anti-reflective coated lenses individually labeled with the specific diopter

Range of correction +/- 2 diopters to +/-7 diopters in ½ diopter increments

Snellen eye chart

Durable storage/carrying case

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