MoTrak Head Motion Tracking System

MoTrak Head Motion Tracking System

Head motion in an MRI simulator

MoTrak software uses Ascension Technology’s trakSTAR. The sensor attached to the subject’s head determines the position of the head in space relative to the transmitter. The sensor records angular rotations as well as positional displacements from an initially calibrated position. This information is displayed and logged by the program in real-time, allowing observation of head motion in an MRI simulator. The goal is to monitor how much the participant moves while the scan is in progress. If a participant moves too much, it can potentially result in unusable data and wasted resources.


Linear feedback of X, Y, and Z movement and rotational feedback on X, Y, and Z axis

User-defined thresholds for motion detection

Graphic output and log file of participant motion

Auditory feedback to the participant when movement passes threshold

Visual feedback of head motion for the participant via a user display

Movie for participant will pause/resume when movement exits/enters the allowed range