Multi-function Anesthesia Solutions (Cone Masks)

Multi-function Anesthesia Solutions (Cone Masks)



The system aims to provide one complete solution to both initial and lasting anesthesia of small rodents for the majority of procedures such as development of animal disease models(cerebral ischemia, myocardial ischemia and osteoporosis disease models), tail-vein injection, blood sampling from abdominal aorta and heart, drug injection to ventricle, remove of tissue/organ, anatomy of body and so on. The cone mask with minimal dead space can be randomly positioned by vertical and angular adjustments, and the waste gas from animal will be “pushed” out to charcoal filter canister to minimize exposure to the research subjects.



Two beds of “V” type and flat type matching animal body shape are available for different applications.
High-resolution display provides real-time water temperature readings.
Designed to work with small animal water heated surgical beds.
Water is warmed and circulated through beds to keep animal’s body temperatures stable.
Water temperature setting from room temperature to 55℃.
Intelligent and comfortable keys for easy to operate, simple and intuitive.
Alarm and off-power due to water depletion and over temperature protection assure safety.
Power: 110/220v, 50/60Hz.
Physical size: 236mm*160mm*115mm.

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Five cone masks are installed one Manifold (Cat No.68657) to accommodate up to five mice or three rats for procedures at the same time. Accordingly, the waste gases will be absorbed by charcoal filter canister.




This solution is given another type of cone masks that installed onto one anesthesia operation platform to delivery anesthetic gases to animal’s nose.The mask can be adjusted vertically for different applications as well as different sizes of rodents.The waste gas outside the mask gathered under bowl-like lid and is drawed by evacuation system to reduce the investigator exposure.

The platform has screws on left and right sides and can bind animal’s legs with strings while required. In addition, heating blanket can be optionally placed onto the platform for warming the animal.