RWD Fiber Photometry

RWD Fiber Photometry A stimulating and recording device to collect fluorescent signals from neuro group, with Multi-Channel and Dual-Color. Attached please find more details. 

RWD Fiber Photometry System adopts 470 nm and 560 nm dual-wavelength excitation reducing the background noise effectively. The significance of the reference channel lies in increasing self-control, reducing spontaneous fluorescence, eliminating signal artifacts caused by animal’s intense exercise and fiber winding, expressing two kinds of proteins at the same site, detecting levels of calcium change in different groups of neurons, and truly realizing the recording and analysis of dual-color fluorescence signals.


  • Up to 7 channels.

  • When the external event is marked, time automatically inputs to achieve a synchronous recording with the behavioral video.
    synchronous accuracy of external stimulus time is up to lO ms, which ensures the real-time synchronization of animal behavior and calcium fluorescence signal changes efficiently. Suitable for high-throughput calcium signal acquisition or simultaneous recording of multiple nervous nuclei.

  • Two kinds of LED excitation light sources and one kind of background de-noising LED light source to enable more accurate fluorescence signal change acquisition.

  • Four fluorescence modes are optional to meet various experimental requirements.

  • The CMOS industrial camera with high performance and low noise collects all calcium fluorescence signals of multichannel and multi-wavelength.

  • Low spontaneous fluorescence and better stability with stainless steel metal pin. Independent multimode fiber bundles can avoid the interference of fluorescent signals in multiple channels perfectly.

  • Reliable performance and long lifespan over 10,000 hours.

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