EEG actiCHamp Plus the new versatile all-in-one lab amplifier

EEG actiCHamp Plus the new versatile all-in-one lab amplifier
Compatible with all our active and passive electrodes
Scalable for high-density recordings

Easy synchronization for multiple recording modalities
Powerful lithium-ion battery pack

Integration with EEGLAB, MATLAB®, LSL and OpenViBE
actiCHamp Plus
the new versatile all-in-one lab amplifier engineering
All electrode options to best fit your needs

✓ Record with easy to prepare active electrodes* (actiCAP slim)
for best data quality
✓ Easily switch to passive sponge-based electrodes (R-Net)
when high channel counts and quick preparation times are
✓ Choose gel-based passive electrodes in our fully
customizable BrainCaps
Scalable solution
✓ Modularity for recording 32 to 160 channels
✓ 8 additional AUX channels for including extra physiological
✓ Up to 100 kHz sampling rate
Highly integrated for multimodal recordings
✓ New clock synchronization outputs allow for easy integration
with external devices (e.g. TMS, EMG)
✓ Forward incoming triggers to other signal acquisition
systems (e.g. fNIRS)
Powered by lithium-ion technology
✓ Ensure longer recording times with higher battery capacity
✓ Long battery life with low self-discharge rate

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