Bipolar-to-auxiliary adapter for V-Amp and actiCHamp amplifiers

The BIP2AUX Adapter is a tiny, analogue differential DC amplifier that amplifies the incoming signal in order to make it measurable and relays it through the auxiliary input ports of the V-Amp and the actiCHamp. The adapter consequently turns these two amplifiers into even more versatile research tools by making them able to also record bioelectrical signals with a bipolar montage (a common way of acquiring EOG, ECG or EMG signals).

Although actiCHamp and V-Amp have inputs for auxiliary sensors, these inputs are intended to accept signals that typically lie in the volt range, whereas the amplitude of bipolar bioelectrical signals typically has values of just a few mV. The mismatch between the magnitude of the data and the operating range of the input channels prevented signals of sufficiently good quality from being acquired so far. 

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