Active electrode for EEG-ExG co-registrations

The flat actiCAP* electrodes are designed for signal measurements (using the actiCAP), where a sensor has to be placed outside of the cap and scalp area, e.g. for EOG or EMG signal registration. It can be fixed quickly and easily with an 8 mm washer and without any holder between the housing and the skin. Gel can be added before the electrode is attached and - since the filling hole remains free - afterwards as well.

These flat electrodes represent an easier and more stable solution for EEG recordings that should also take EOG, EMG or similar signals into consideration. They can be installed by opening the splitter box, removing one standard electrode, connecting the flat electrode and closing the splitter box. The procedure is the same, as in case of exchanging actiCAP Replacement Electrodes.

These electrodes are available with:
- normal cable length: 1 m
- extra long cable length: 2 m

* US patent pending

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