Nevrotech Products

Nevrotech Products

Nevrotech's Products 

Nevrotech offers high-quality, customizable probes for neural recording, neuro- and optogenetic stimulation, and targeted drug delivery.

Decades of cumulative experience in design, production and use combined with the technological know-how available at our R&D team and collaborators, such as Neuronelektród, makes Nevrotech uniquely positioned to deliver effective and tailored neural probes in a wide range of applications both in vivo and in vitro, either for chronic or acute experiments.

As part of the current probes portfolio, neuroscientists are provided with Microelectrodes, Peripheral Electrodes and Multichannel Arrays. Our high-quality probes portfolio is complemented with world-class customer support and an R&D team that is eager to collaborate with you for jointly developing novel products.

Please select the probe type that may be the best fit for your research needs.