Inverse ICA

Inverse ICA

Inverse ICA

The option Define as Artifact Topography opens the �Select Topographies� tab of the Artifact Correction Dialog (analogous to

pressing Artifact / Select). In this tab, the selected ICA component can be assigned to artifact categories HEOG, VEOG, Blink,

EKG, Other1 or Other2. A maximum number of 10 ICA components can be selected at a time when using the artifact categories

Other1 and Other2.For the other artifact categories, only 1 ICA component can be selected.  After assigning an ICA topography

to an artifact category, the topography map and artifact view are shown. Data are not automatically corrected, as this would prompt a

new ICA calculation on artifact-corrected data. If the data contain more than one channel type, artifact correction based on ICA

components is only available for the channel type on which the ICA was calculated.