gtec EEG

EEG - TMS Magnetic Stimulation


*Positioning of TMS coil


The magnetic stimulation coil was placed over electrode Cz.

The tests were performed with g.USBamp and with g.HIamp using passive and active g.LADYbird electrodes as well as with the wireless amplifier, g.Nautilus with active electrodes. Biphasic single pulses, repetitive, and theta-burst stimulation were applied to the dummy model.


The measurements showed that it is possible to use a TMS coil very close to active and passive electrodes acquired with g.USBamp, g.HIamp and g.Nautilus. If the TMS coil pulse is applied to the g.Nautilus device itself, then the device shuts off to avoid any damage. Passive electrodes show a shorter artifact then active electrodes, but in both cases the artifact is short.