Eye Tracking Glasses

Eye Tracking Glasses

One Eye Tracker for Multiple Applications

ETVision, combined with new Argus Science SceneMap (Scene Mapping) or StimTrac (Stimulus Tracking) data analysis technology and the ETAnalysis program, allows use of one eye tracker for multiple applications which, in the past, would have required different types of eye tracker systems.

For example, in the case of a participant seated in front of a display monitor, the data analysis advantages afforded by a desk top eyetracker can now be realized with ETVision by using the optional Argus Science StimTrac (Stimulus Tracking) feature.

For certain environments, the Argus Science SceneMap (Scene Camera Mapping) feature can be used to collect data that includes the participant's head location in space and point of gaze with respect to multiple objects in the environment without requiring a separate head tracking device.

Eye Tracking