Non-magnetic electrode cap for EEG & MEG co-registrations

For EEG recordings with simultaneous recording of MEG.
Again, these caps come with built-in electrodes and cable electrodes attached to the cap, but during manufacturing of the electrodes and caps, particular care (special materials, special tools, utmost cleanliness during production) is applied in order to obtain highest quality of the sensors and equipment.

Electrode layout, channel assignment and cable trees ending in a BrainAmp Connector box are identical to the standard BrainCaps.

The use of EEG simultaneous with MEG usually includes a synchronization of MEG-device and BrainAmp. This requires an additional cable connecting the MEG-clock or -sync (exit) to the BrainAmp SyncBox (input).
As MEG devices are often equipped with EEG amplifiers, we also offer customized solutions for these integrated amplifiers, including standardized layouts, channel assignments and respective connectors.

EEG Electrode CAPs