CE certified software for efficient EEG review and automatic detection of spikes and seizures

The successor of BESA Epilepsy 1.0 provides the following new features

complementing the well-established features

You want to save time on long-term EEG evaluation?

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 provides automatic spike detection with 91% sensitivity in adults and children. The automatic clustering and hyperclustering of the detected interictal activity is an efficient feature for the EEG evaluation. Spend 5 minutes a day to evaluate a 24h EEG. Print your final report or store it a PDF.

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 provides automatic seizure detection in adults. The algorithm has been developed at the Epilepsy Center, Department of Neurology, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen. Spend again 5 minutes a day to evaluate the ictal activity in the 24h EEG. The seizure review provides quick navigation from seizure to seizure and efficient report generation.

Start the spike detection directly after your recording starts and you can evaluate the EEG nearly online. For offline analysis the spike detection requires approximately 3h to analyze a 24h EEG and the seizure detection requires at the most 5min on a 24h EEG.

You want to evaluate EEGs recorded by different systems in one application?

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 is able to read 14 different EEG data formats. Manage your data in one common database. Select the patient and choose a review interval to start the EEG evaluation. Don’t think in files any longer.