Eye Tracking Glasses

Eye Tracking Glasses


ET Mobile glasses are designed to handle the increasingly diversified demands of eye tracking in a variety of applications, including Sports, Kinesiology, Driving, Market Research, Reading, Safety & Training, Social Interaction, Neuroscience, Mobile Device Usability, and much more....

ET Mobile glasses easily collect eye movements and point of gaze information during the performance of natural tasks allowing the use of unconstrained eye, head and hand movements under variable light conditions.


ET Mobile for Multiple Applications

The ET Mobile glasses, combined with new Argus data analysis software technology SceneMap (Scene Mapping) or StimTrac (Stimulus Tracking) on ET Analysis Software, allows you to use one eye tracker for multiple applications. The advantages of analyzing data collected with a desktop/remote solution can now be enjoyed with eye tracking glasses. Use one eye tracker as either a wearable or desktop solution.



Eye Tracking