actiCAP Xpress Twist: Excellent EEG Data Quality - Dry, Fast & Comfortable

High quality electrodes
32 active dry signal electrodes based on our 10-years experience with active electrode technology*. Gold plated exchangeable dry sensors for lowest noise levels.

Fast and easy twist mechanism
Easy to use twisting mechanism built in to the cap allows you to adjust the sensor’s height. This results in optimal connection to the subject’s scalp and optimized trade-off between data quality and subject comfort.

Soft and comfortable caps
Pre-defined 32-channel cap layout; 78 possible electrode positions offer flexibility. Additional holes reduce sweat artefacts and allow to access sensors even when the cap is already mounted.

Versatile Solution
Conveniently combine our twist electrodes with either our all active actiCHamp amplifier or go fully mobile with our latest amplifier the LiveAmp.