Using OpenViBE to create Motor Imagery Scenario to Scientific Research

Thursday, 03 de June de 2021

OpenViBE (Open Platform for Virtual Brain Environments): it is a general purpose, open source (open source) and free platform used by neuroscientists who are mainly dedicated to the field of brain-machine interface (ICM). The software is used to acquire, filter, analyze, process, classify and visualize brain signals in real time. It has a graphical interface that is easy to understand and integrated with Python and MatLab. 

This software could be used to acquire Motor Imagery signals, which consists of recording the sensorimotor rhythm that is associated with synchronization waves (Event Related Desynchronization) and synchronization waves (Event Related Synchronization) related to a motor tasks. Motor imagery consists of just imagining the movement of the hands or feet. This signal is then recorded, amplified, decoded and classified to perform specific tasks in the game.

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Tamara Nunes