NIRx NIRStar installation - NIRS Data acquisition

Thursday, 18 de June de 2020
NIRx NIRStar installation - NIRS Data acquisition

NIRStar is designed to function as a multiplatform instrument controlling environment that offers maximum flexibility to support the many investigational paradigms that the NIRx line of NIRSport and NIRScout functional imaging systems can explore.

Whether the aim is to perform mobile studies with the NIRSport or high density hyperscanning measurements with the NIRScoutX, NIRStar gives you a wealth of system control and real-time display capabilities that are designed to maximize the investigational opportunities accessible with NIRS.

The following PC configuration maximizes software performance for running NIRx software:

Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 bit)

Preferably USB 2.0 (if only 3.0 is available, please make sure to have all Windows drivers up to date)

8GB of RAM minimum

At least 2.0 GB of hard-disk space


César Noronha