NIRx nirsLAB installation - NIRS Analysis Software

Thursday, 18 de June de 2020
NIRx nirsLAB installation - NIRS Analysis Software

nirsLAB™ provides users a feature rich statistic parametric mapping environment designed to meet the most demanding neuroimaging study.  Whether your study involves child or adult subjects; mobile or hyper-scanning environments;

nirsLAB™’s GUI-based tool boxes provide the resources to easily edit and explore the many neuro-response features accessible by NIRS imaging technology from NIRx.  

Equipped with individual and group level (MNI) atlases, single and multi-subject findings can be quantitatively evaluated and mapped in a variety of display formats.

The following PC configuration maximizes software performance for running NIRx software:

Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 bit)

Preferably USB 2.0 (if only 3.0 is available, please make sure to have all Windows drivers up to date)

8GB of RAM minimum

At least 2.0 GB of hard-disk space


César Noronha