Memory improvement experimental design

Sunday, 15 de March de 2020
Task: In a labirint the rat must go from point A to point B to receive a reward.
In every session the rat must go from point A to point B 20 times or stay at the maze for 30 minutes. When the rat arrive at point B it receives the reward and is moved to point A. 
Every session the path from point A to point B is a different maze with a different path between point A and B. But keeping the same size.
There are 2 groups:
In group 1: Every time the rat does a correct curve (inside the red line) it receives a stimulation on the lateral temporal cortex until it receives the reward 10 times. 
In group 2: the rat doesn't receive stimulation.
Each group will be submitted to 10 sessions in different days. In each session the maze is be different, but the position of points A and B will be kept. 
What to analize:
The time that rats complete each session will be compared between groups. 
The quantity of success tasks from A and B per session would be compared between groups
The time to complete sessions also could be compared by the time to complete every 5 tasks.

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