Electrode coordinates - General settings - Brain Vision Analyzer

Saturday, 01 de May de 2021

Electrode coordinates - General settings - Brain Vision Analyze

On analyzer \ Preferences dialog box  \ Electrodes tab, you can specify a separate configuration file for electrode coordinates. These coordinates are used if EEG data does not have coordinate specifications for its channels.

By default, numerous electrode positions are predefined in the Analyzer. By specifying a separate configuration file, you can add to or replace these. The format of this BrainVision Electrode Files (*.bvef)

Note that a file containing the specification "Defaults = False" entirely replaces the Analyzer's default coordinates. If a file does not contain this specification, the coordinates in the file are added to the default coordinates.

If you check the Automatically Purge Deleted Nodes box then deleted history nodes are automatically removed from the temporary storage location for deleted nodes after a specified period. This function prevents deleted nodes from accumulating over time and taking up large quantities of storage space.

The entry in Purge Nodes every xxx days specifies that the nodes are purged after this time elapses, at the earliest. In normal usage, the nodes are often there for a little longer because the automatic purging of the nodes is subject to additional checks.

The automatic purging of nodes is only carried out when you close the history file. This means that deleted nodes in history files that you never open are not automatically purged.

In the Show Online Info at Startup box, you can specify when the online information page is

to be displayed on program start. If, for example, you choose Never here then the page is deactivated.

The setting you make in Draw Idle-Background for Progress Bar specifies whether the main window is displayed grayed in the background as long as a progress bar is active. This function is no longer required under Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Windows® 10 since the operating system performs this task itself. We recommend leaving this specification set to Auto. If problems with the display of the grayed background occur you should change this setting to Off.


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