BrainSupport Trademarks 2

Tuesday, 12 de February de 2019

We distribute technologies exclusively for academic research with focus on the brain, consciousness states and human performance.

Brain Support has exclusive representation of some manufacturers for South America. The target is to operate throughout Latin America with a strong team of scientific consultants. The manufacturers we represent offer tech solutions for neuroscientific and behavioral studies.

Each brand we represent offers the possibility of getting nearer to our mission, by measuring, modulating and reporting moments of pure consciousness.

In the following list of trade marks, we our Brain Support represents it in Latin America for research studies:

StimScience or Santa Fe Neuroscience is a company that development neuroimaging-guided, noninvasive brain stimulation procedures, hardware, and software to enhance memory and other aspects of human performance.

StimScience Main activities is Non-invasive brain stimulation.

Main products: NeuroMod - tXES Stimulator, NeuroMod ¬ tXES Electrodes


Yingchi specializes in developing and marketing the non-invasive magnetic stimulation systems for research in the areas of neurophysiology, neurology, cognitive neuroscience, rehabilitation and psychiatry.

Yingchi main activities are TMS and tDCS research

Main products: M-series TMS, S-series TMS, tDCS, Coil, Robotic Arms, neuronavigation, Cooling System, TMS-EEG, MEP/TMS-EEG


Cambridge Research Systems produces high quality vision stimulators during fMRI increases immersion probability.

Main activity: high-end stimulation monitors, eye-trackers

Main products: displays, eye-trackers and audio for fMRI and vision sciences


Cedrus products provides the total integration between an easy experimental set-up and stimulation tracking.

Main products: SuperLab, Response Pad, Lumina fMRI-compatible response pad, SV-1 voice key, StimTracker.

Keywords:visual stimulation, stimulus tracking, voice response, software control.


Phenosys provides virtual reality for animals favors "free" behavior in quasi-naturalistic conditions.

Main products: JetBall Virtual Reality, JetBall TFT, JetBall Dome, SpeedBelt, ServoBall, qOMR, Olfactometer, Touchscreen Chamber, IDsorter, Activity Monitor

Keywords:virtual reality, animal models, activity monitoring


Nirx allows an easy set-up and high quality data leaves time to measure functional fluctuations in naturalistic set-ups.

Nirx main activity are functional near infrared spectroscopy, tandem acquisition, real life experiments.

Main products: NIRx Scout, NIRx Sports, NIRStar, NIRSLab.


Brain Products allows an easy set-up and high quality data leaves time to measure EEG related to consciousness states and plasticity.

Brain Products main activity are: high-end electronics for EEG acquisition and analysis, MRI compatibility using fiber optics, mobile EEG

Main products: BrainAmpMR, actiChamp, LiveAmp, V-Amp, ative Electrodes and Analyzer


Nevrotech makes products designed for the research community, by the research community.

Main activity: Nevrotech delivers effective and tailored neural probes in a wide range of applications both in vivo and in vitro, either for chronic or acute experiments.

Main products: Concentric electrodes, Heptode Magic Pencil, Deep Brain Probes, Microwire arrays, Nerve Cuffs.


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César Noronha