Recording, Analysis, Presentation and Stimulus Software

EEG fMRI, NIRS fNIRS, TMS, tDCS tACS, MEG, Eye Tracking and VideoSync

The analysis software for EEG ERP P300 N400 research, Video integration, Raw Data Inspection, interactive ICA, FFT, Wavelets, LORETA, MR and CB artifact correction, Integration for eye-tracking data,CSD Current Source Density, Grand Average, Grand Segmentation, ERS/ERD Event-related synchronization and desynchronization, FFT Fast Fourier Transform, FFT Inverse, ICA Independent Component Analysis, Inverse ICA,Butterworth filter, Linear Derivation, LORETA for source analysis, Ocular Correction ICA based on ICA, PCA Principal Component Analysis, Segmentation,Topographic Interpolation, t-Test paired and unpaired t-Tests, Wavelets, Wavelet ExtractionFunctional

NIRS near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) 
NIRS infrared spectroscopy - 
Turbo-Satori: NIRS Real-time analysis software, Fully customized analysis pipeline,Capable of calculating changes in oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin, concentrations followed by block averages, GLM, SVM classification and statistics, Topographic channel selection, Real-time statistics including T-values, Beta values, channel correlation and averages, Short distance channel support, Heartbeat detection/Heart rate calculation