Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis -  Analysis Step by Step

Gait Analysis results with rolling walkers collected on a Zeno Walkway System using PKMAS.
Typical, prosthetic, and post-hemiplegic stroke gait analyses on a Zeno Walkway System powered by PKMAS.
Walking on hands, Forward handspring, Cartwheel, Back roll, Jumps
Generating a gait baseline and measuring it accurately and periodically can identify early deviations in gait function, allowing for tracking many emotional engagement while walking.
Can be used to verify and validate interventions to increase and maintain mobility and independence.
Collects and analyzes temporal, spatial and pressure data along with our unique metric: Symmetry of Propulsion.
Can show improvement or decline against an established baseline in geriatric conditions.
Wearable sensors for analysis of human locomotion allows for data collection protocols.
Spacial and Temporal parameterscoefficient of variationrelative pressurefootfall
step and stridegait phasegait cyclevelocitydistancecoordinatesCenter of Pressure (COP)static measurements such as quiet standing
Convertible Walkway
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