NIRx NIRS Publications NIRx

Friday, 19 de June de 2020
NIRx NIRS Publications NIRx

There have been many peer-reviewed publications over the past 30 years using near-infrared specstrocopy in neuroimaging.  This is a small sample of some recent publications by NIRx end-users, organized by application.

NIRS Publications
Auditory System
  |  BCI NIRS  |  Brain Perfusion  |  Cognitive States  |  Neuroeconomics  |  Connectivity  |   Technological Advances

Pain Research  |  Emotions  |  Infant Monitoring  |  Motor Execution  | Somatosensory  |  Social Interaction  |  Stroke Rehabilitation
Naturalistic Environments  |  Traumatic Brain Injury TBI NIRS  |  Visual Stimulation  |  Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Multi-modal EEG fNIRS  |  Developmental Changes  |  Speech and Language  |  Event-Related Optical Signal  |  Clinical Neurology

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Jackson Cionek


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