Neuroscience 2019 - Take your research to the next level

Thursday, 10 de October de 2019
Neuroscience 2019 - Take your research to the next level


Each year, SfN's Program Committee invites leading scientists to give lectures on hot topics in neuroscience.
Featured Lectures

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Activity-Dependent Neural Circuit Development and 
Neural Excitability/ Synapses/ and Glia
Neuronal Activity-Dependent Myelination: A Mechanism for Learning and Repair?

Neurodegenerative Disorders and Injury
Aberrant Phase Separation in Neurodegenerative Disease
Leveraging Brain Rhythms as a Therapeutic Intervention for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Sensory Systems
Active Touch, Pain, and Anesthesia

Motor Systems
Comparative Neurobiology of Vocal Communication
Neural Mechanisms of Short-Term Memory and Motor Planning

Integrative Physiology and Behavior
Flies and Alcohol: An Interplay of Nature and Nurture

Motivation and Emotion
From Pecking Order to Ketamine: Neural Mechanisms of Social and Emotional Behaviors
The Neurobiology of Long-Term Memory: Key Molecules, Diverse Cell Types, Temporal Dynamics, and Critical Periods

Evolution and Dissolution of Memories Over Time
Neural Codes for Natural Behaviors in Flying Bats
The Brain From Inside Out

Extracting Function From Structure: Lessons from the Fly Connectome
Theoretical Neuroscience: Decision Making and Its Discontents
Autor: Jackson

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