No post found. is a social networking platform used by researchers, consultants, clients and other communities with an interest in neuroscientific and behavioral research in Latin America.

Tiene el objetivo de desarrollar una visión amplia de la investigación científica que se centre en el bienestar y el empoderamiento de los participantes, así como de la comunidad local donde los participantes viven.

We also have other sites linked to this platform such as:

  • Children's competences and development of women up to 24 years old;
  • Ideas de posibilidades para estudios neurocientíficos y conductuales dentro de la normalidad humana;
  • Subjetividades Político Sociais Religiosas dos Latino Americanos;
  • NeuroSoftware for analysis of functional brain signals.

The BrainLatam social networking platform is maintained by and

BrainSupport focuses on selling technological solutions for behavioral neuroscientific studies. Selling exclusively to university research centers.

Basically offers sale of: EEG, NIRS, TMS, Eye Tracking, Video Sync and EEG data analysis software

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