EEG-fMRI Safety and data quality of EEG fMRI

Friday, 17 de June de 2022

EEG-fMRI Safety and data quality of EEG fMRI

Simultaneously recorded EEG-fMRI.

EEG data quality and safety when used with newer multi-band (MB) fMRI sequences. 

Here, we measured the relative heating of a MB protocol compared with a standard single-band (SB) protocol considered to be safe.  

EEG quality recorded concurrently with the MB protocol on humans during a resting state scan, as well as with the SB protocol and in an fMRI-free condition to allow for direct comparison. 


The heating induced by the MB sequence was lower than that of the SB sequence, and the resting state EEG comprised peaks in the power spectrum in the alpha frequency range consistent with offline eyes-closed EEG. 

These results indicate the safety of radiofrequency-related heating, as well as acceptable data quality using traditional artifact removal techniques, for simultaneous EEG-fMRI with MB sequences of the entire brain with high temporal resolution (TR=440ms).

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Jackson Cionek

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