Different types of EEG hardwares

Sunday, 20 de October de 2019
Different types of EEG hardwares

Brain Products has several different amplifiers for different electroencephalogram (EEG) solutions. In this blog we are reviewing the technical details for each amplifier.

Electroencephalography is the neurophysiological measurement of electrical activity in the brain as recorded by electrodes placed on the scalp or, in special cases, subdurally or in the cerebral cortex. The resulting traces are known as an electroencephalogram (EEG) and represent a summation of post-synaptic potentials from a large number of neurons.

The system used for electroencephalography consists in electrodes (with wires), an amplificator, an energy source (battery for example) and were store the data (computer or SD card).  Many systems typically use electrodes which are each attached to an individual wire. Some systems use caps in which electrodes are embedded. This latter method is particularly common when high-density arrays of electrodes are required.

Brain Products EEG amplifiers are equipped with a number of noise reduction techniques such as active noise cancellation and active electrodes. High common mode rejection as well as low amplifier noise ensure maximum data quality. Our huge product range includes a range of electrodes and caps with custom or standard montages as well as a variety of requisite accessories.

A brief introduction to EEG and the types of electrodes

Different EEG Hardware to record data.

How to select your electrode type? 

BrainVision actiCHamp

Data format: 24-bit.

Battery supply: Actipower for 4 to 5 hours.

Electrode types: actiCAP slim / actiCAP snap and actiCAP Xpress Twist 

Quantity of electrodes channels: 32, 64, 96, 128 and 160 EEG channels.

Auxiliary inputs: 8 integrated AUX inputs (e.g. GSR, EOG, EMG, ECG, respiration, acceleration, temperature, blood pulse, photo sensor, microphone, etc.).

Sampling rate: up to 100 KHz.


BrainVision actiCHamp Plus

An ActiCHamp compatible with
all active and passive electrodes from Brain Products (including R-net).

BrainVision BrainAmp Standard 

Data format: 16 bit

Battery supply: battery-supplied (PowerPack 30 h recording)

Electrode types: actiCAP slim / actiCAP snap, actiCAP Xpress Twist, BrainCap, BrainCap TMS and EASYCAP - EasyCap.

Quantity of electrodes channels: 32 channels (units can be stacked to expand the number of channels up to 256 and combined with the BrainAmp ExG to record EOG, ECG, EMG and other peripheral signals such as Galvanic Skin Response, respiration, acceleration, temperature, etc.)

Auxiliary inputs: can be connected with ExG Input Box (with 16 bipolar ExG channels)

Sampling rate: 5 kHz


BrainVision BrainAmp MR

This BrainAmp Allows combined EEG & fMRI acquisition by placing the amplifiers directly inside the MR scanner bore ensures maximum data quality and respects safety aspects.

BrainVision BrainAmp MR plus

The BrainAmp MR Plus can be placed inside of the MRI chamber to achieve simultaneous EEG/fMRI acquisitions as well as used in the EEG lab for EEG/TMS co-registrations, EEG/ERP studies and Brain Computer Interface applications. There is no need for different amplifier types it offers a solution for many applications.

BrainVision BrainAmp DC

A direct current BrainAmp amplifier for low frequencies.

BrainVision BrainAmp ExG

The BrainAmp ExG amplifier is a bipolar amplifier which can be used to record EMG, ECG, EOG and polygraphic channels such as GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), acceleration.

BrainVision BrainAmp ExG MR

The BrainAmp ExG amplifier is a bipolar amplifier which can be used to record EMG, ECG, EOG and polygraphic channels such as GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), acceleration. Compatible with MR scanner. 

BrainVision LiveAmp

LiveAmp is a compact wireless EEG amplifier especially designed for mobile EEG and Sleep applications.

Data format: 24-bit.

Battery supply: Built-in rechargeable battery (3 to 4.5 hours)

Electrode types: actiCAP slim / actiCAP snap, actiCAP Xpress Twist and LiveCap.

Quantity of electrodes channels: 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 channel versions available

Auxiliary inputs: 1 AUX/PWR input and 8 Auxiliary inputs for sensors

Sampling rate: 250 Hz, 500 Hz and 1,000 Hz

Data storage: on recording computer via wireless transmission, on micro memory card and on recording computer and on micro memory card

BrainVision V-Amp

Our smallest amplifier, starting with 8 channels (plus 2 sensor channels) up to 16 channels (plus 2 sensor channels), is already equipped with a 9-bit trigger port and offers ample powerful features such as sampling rates up to 20.000 Hz. The optimal companion where just a few channels are needed. Suitable for animal research as well as for BCI / Biofeedback applications.

Data format: 24 bit

Battery supply: Via USB

Electrode types: actiCAP slim / actiCAP snap and actiCAP Xpress.

Quantity of electrodes channels: 16 EEG, ground, reference monopolar

Auxiliary inputs: 2 bipolar

Sampling rate: 100 to 20,000 Hz

Data storage: recording computer via USB cable

BrainVision MOVE

The wireless MOVE is a solution that replaces the existing cables connecting the electrodes and amplifier with wireless-based communication.

Data format: 1 Mbit/s or 508 Samples/s // 2 Mbit/s or 954 Samples/s

Electrode types: actiCAP, BrainCap and EasyCap.

Quantity of electrodes channels: up to 64 channels for the wireless acquisition



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